Are you looking to see God expand His transforming work in your ministry? We'd love to partner with you to see your ministry flourish in the following areas:

Church Planting

We offer training events and coaching relationships to develop church planters and catalyze gospel movements. Currently, we have three levels of non-formal training, culminating in the preparation of nationals as master trainers. We also offer a basic training called “Multiply” to our staff and friends. More information about the content of our equipping can be found on

Transformational Leadership Development

We consult with and train national leaders who desire to experience the transforming power of Christ in their own lives so they can have a transformational impact in their ministries, communities and countries.

Pastoral Development

We use a three-year training program called Pathways to train pastors in studying the Bible and preaching expository sermons. We train for easy replication and understanding among national workers. We also teach leaders, men and women, how to study the Bible and to train others. Additional information may be found at

Cultural Engagement

We train and provide coaching to help cross-cultural workers to better understand the motivations underlying cultural behavior. Using an interactive, experiential approach, we develop leaders to make disciples in story-centric, marginalized, and displaced communities. 

Community Engagement

Communication is vital for the gospel. Yet as Nobel Laureate George Bernard Shaw said, "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." Many churches and cross-cultural workers are unable to connect with people in their communities. We provide the context and clarity to help ministry leaders discern underlying cultural motivations and values. Using an interactive, hands-on approach, we mentor and coach local churches, missionaries, and national partners towards effective communication of the life-changing message of the Word of God—often through a story-centric approach using biblical stories, songs and pictures.

Unreached People Initiative

Unreached peoples are people who have had no access to the Gospel because of political or religious barriers, geographical location or neglect. This initiative is an emerging movement within EFCA ReachGlobal of passionate individuals, churches, missionaries, mission agencies and international Christian partners who believe it is possible to fulfill the Great Commission in this generation (Matt 28:18-20). Our mission is to mobilize resources to reach people who have no access to the gospel.